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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Organization + Function + Style = an inspired workspace

Over the last 15 years of organizing people's homes, I've seen my share of dreary, dark, dull offices. Why do we take the least liked space in our home and turn it into an office? If it's the smallest bedroom, the darkest part of the house, or the back of the cold, damp garage, and then we try and earn a living in it!

Clients say over and over, "I don't want to work in my office". They end up sprawled throughout the house, mail on the kitchen counters, bills on the dining room table and papers scattered everywhere. Enough, I say...

So, I've added a special product to my services - An Inspired Workspace™ - blending organizing with creative problem solving and style. My goal is to turn those awful offices into places where people want to be and are inspired to do their best work.

You can follow my new blog now at An Inspired Workspace™ and check out the details on my services at the All Things Home™ website. A new tab Inspired Workspaces will be up soon.

This is my office a few years ago. Not bad, functional, a bit dull with everything in paper bag brown and blacks, but not particularly inspiring...

This is my office in '08/09. I added some red boxes and magazine files, and organized my shelves a bit more...

This is my office today. I changed some supply colors to be more pleasing, I cut back on what I stored on my shelves and added a place for flowers and artwork, as well as a pretty dish to hold desk items - all of which make this a much more comfortable and fun place to spend time in.

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