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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bring on the colors!

Well, my post a few weeks ago on bringing in flowers and color during these drizzly, rainy weeks, garnered a lot of comments. You want more suggestions for brightening up your homes...okay - I hear you!

So, here are some more ideas: bright pastels work great for cheering up the winter blahs - lemon yellow, lime green and sky blue are especially good.

Please note, I am not saying you need to go and buy things - I'll just bet that you already have some these items stashed away...

Bring out your colorful table linens - whatever you've got - mix and match them, throw them over the sofa if it cheers everyone up.

Pull out your most colorful sheets, blankets and bedding - even if you usually only use them in summer - bring them out now and pretend its summer!

Bring out your most colorful pillows and throws and toss them about.

Add colorful fruits and veggies to platters and put them out on the counters and tables...put your most colorful books up front on the shelves and replace plain candles with colorful ones.

Put out colorful guest soaps and towels in the bathrooms.

Serve colorful cookies!

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