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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our world of mixed messages

These days I think watching the evening news is one of the most dangerous things I do all day. For an hour and half I am bombarded with a constant stream of mixed messages. I wonder if this is just an American thing or is the whole world like this?

As a professional organizer I am called in to peoples homes to help them make sense of the over abundance of "stuff" they have accumulated and I am constantly urging restraint on shopping. But the minute people stop shopping the media (and our government) drag out the dreaded "R" word - RECESSION - and we are suppose to head out the door to go buy more and bolster the economy. But just yesterday they were saying that we don't SAVE enough and that our credit card DEBT is through the roof, BUT retailers are whining and the second that happens the SALE signs go up and out the door we are suppose to go and come home with MORE STUFF.

Meanwhile the ice caps are melting, the planet is overheating and somehow we've got to find a way off this hamster wheel...

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