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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bathrooms - private and public spaces

Usually we think of our bathrooms as our own private space. However, if you live in a one bathroom home, as I do, it is also a public space. Therefore, keeping a clean, presentable and functional bathroom is a must. Here's my short list of dos:

- Have clean hand towels for guests. I use paper napkins I keep in a holder labeled "Guest Towels" from Bed Bath and Beyond.
- Have clean soap available. I use liquid soap dispensers from Williams-Sonoma.
- Have plenty of toilet paper where guests can find it. I use a basket from Pottery Barn.
- Have a bathroom spray available (not to be confused with your expensive perfume). I get mine at The Gardener.
- Keep the bathroom clean at all times, all towels neatly folded and all personal items in drawers or cabinets.
- During entertaining season a few fresh flowers in the bath are a wonderful addition.

If your guest bath is also your children's bathroom, have the kids put all their personal items in plastic buckets and keep them inside the shower or bathtub with the curtain drawn.

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