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Friday, April 25, 2008

An old kitchen made new, the results

At last, our very organized and beautiful new old kitchen! (See April 3, 8, 12 & 16, 2008 posts)

So, what did we do? Well, first I worked with my client to purge all the stuff that was not in use, too old to keep or no longer had a purpose. I separated what was left into groups and studied the space to determine where the best placement for items would be. I went shopping for organizing supplies and then went about putting the kitchen back together again.

Hanging cups made great use of the "up" space and stacking dishes on lifts doubled the space in this cabinet.

In the pantry I used labeled containers to bin like items and steps for the can goods. Turntables allow high items to be accessed easily.

Keeping the butcher block top next to the stove clear so that it can be used for mixing and cooking prep is very important, so even though we had to use the backspace, the front is available.

We pared way down the about of cleaning and gardening supplies that had been stashed under the sink and used the rolling cart and containers to hold the remaining items. My client will shop for some ready made curtains that will eventually cover this space.

Using drawer dividers will keep utensils separated and easy to find.

Assigning drawers and cabinets specific uses will keep everything in its place.

The end result is a kitchen that is now fun to cook in, which means that healthier meals are being prepared. Now, on to the rest of the apartment!

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