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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Recycle this

Recycling can be very confusing. Each city, county and garbage/recycle company seems to have a different criteria for recycling plastics. You will have to call your particular company and ask for the guidelines in your area. There does seem to be universal agreement that most plastic carry bags from the grocery store are not accepted by local recycle companies. Ask your grocer about the plastic bags they use. Some of the large chains have a barrel out front for returning their plastic bags.

Here's an explanation of the symbols that are stamped on the bottom of your plastic containers. A chasing arrows symbol DOES NOT means a plastic container is recyclable. The arrows are meaningless. Every plastic container is marked with the chasing arrows symbol. The only information in the symbol is the number inside the arrows, which indicates the general class of resin used to make the container.


1 - PET Polyethylene Terephthalate
Two-liter beverage bottles, mouthwash bottles, boil-in-bag pouches.

2 - HDPE High Density Polyethylene
Milk jugs, trash bags, detergent bottles.

3 - PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
Cooking oil bottles, packaging around meat.

4 - LDPE Low Density Polyethylene
Grocery bags, produce bags, food wrap, bread bags.

5 - PP Polypropylene
Yogurt containers, shampoo bottles, straws, margarine tubs, diapers.

6 - PS Polystyrene
Hot beverage cups, take-home boxes, egg cartons, meat trays, cd cases.

All other types of plastics or packaging made from more than one type of plastic.

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