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Thursday, November 1, 2007

"I want to do what you do."

Each week I get several emails and calls from people around the country who tell me they want to do "exactly" what I do. If you are thinking about a career as a Professional Organizer or Move Manager, I recommend that you contact The National Association of Professional Organizers offers classes, conferences and programs to get you started. I strongly suggest that you read every organizing book you can find and take all the classes offered by NAPO and other professionals, as well as in marketing, sales, business and computer skills - you will need them all.

Be prepared to purchase a business license, liability (including items you may carry in your car), worker's comp and disability insurance before you step into someone's home. Be prepared to pay Federal and State taxes, as well as Social Security and Medicare - at the highest rates.

While organizing is a skill and talent some of us are born with, only experience will make you a good organizer. Organizing your sister's closet or moving your mother-in-law is good practice, but it does not necessarily mean you are prepared to launch a business.

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