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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday gifts, what's on your list?

I love the holidays, too. I like getting presents, but for many years now I have encouraged my friends and family not to give me "things" for holidays or birthdays. I'd rather have a wonderful dinner out or do something special with them than get "stuff" that I really don't need.

I do encourage giving in the form of gifts to others in my name, and I reciprocate by giving to their favorite charities. In fact, we play the pick a name game and each person lists their charity on the paper with their name.

Here is my list of favorite charities that I am happy to share. - an amazing group that gives families living in poverty the gift of hope for a better future. You can give in any amount that works for you and make a huge difference in the world. - the Humane Society of the United States supports programs for all animals and wildlife, not just domestic pets. They also rush to disaster sites to save as many animals as they can in difficult circumstances. - the Nature Conservancy - preserves open space and natural places. - brings books and builds schools in third world countries.

In addition, there are hundreds of local groups wherever you live that would greatly benefit from your generous gifting.

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