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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clean for a day...

The Great Spring Cleaning of 2011 is DONE.  This event was as much about taking stock of what I have as it was about cleaning.  When you clean EVERYTHING you own, you come to realize how much you have.  I never want to have more than I can keep clean in a reasonable time.

I admit that the majority of time was spent getting up and down on a ladder to wash the walls and to touch up the paint.

I am pleased to report that not a drop of paint was spilled and no cats were harmed in this process.

Besides repairing the bathroom paint, this little surprise happened in the kitchen.  I pulled at a "bubble" on the wall and discovered that the original paint had never actually adhered to it, and it literally peeled off the wall.  I finally stopped pulling and covered the patch with spackling before repainting.

The drapes are at the cleaners and the carpet is scheduled for next week...

Here's the work that piled up during my "vacation"...good to know clients are ready to have me tear their homes apart! 

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