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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Opting out...

Recently I received some unwanted emails and attempted to "opt out" by following their instructions, which led to nowhere...I suspect on purpose.

It seems to me that everyone should have the right to opt in rather than having to opt out, but of course, what would it do to marketing if you only got what you actually signed up for.

A kitchen counter covered with mail... most of it unwanted junk.

There are several ways to opt out that will help eliminate some of the day to day junk that arrives by phone, mail and internet.  None of these methods will get rid of everything, but it's a start...

Opt out of unwanted phone calls - go to the Do Not Call Registry - - this service works for cell phones as well as land lines, and it's now permanent for each number you enter.  Remember the magic phrase "take me off your calling list" whenever you receive a call you do not want.  By law, they are suppose to stop all calls from that point on.

Opt out of credit card applications, especially those with checks attached - call each company individually, and ask to be removed from their list.  By law, they must do this.   However, they can get around this by sending things in several different name styles, as in:  G. Grace, Gayle Grace, Gail Grace, etc.  You have to call each time they try this bit of trickery.

Opt out of catalogues - call each one individually and asked to taken off their mailing list.  Most reputable companies will do this, as it saves them on printing and postage fees.

Opt out of junk mail - the direct marketing association has set up a website for you to register.  There are varying opinions on the ease of use and the less that speedy response to your opt out request.  Try it at

Opting out of spam email is nearly impossible.  Using a spam remover program will help somewhat.  I use SpamSieve on my Mac.  And I understand that Spam Arrest is very good.

For more opt out information and sites, try:

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