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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where is the fuse box?

Last week I worked with a family moving into their new home. When it came time for the phones to be installed they discovered that they had no idea where the phone boxes were. In fact, when they thought about, they never asked the basic questions about where any of the important connection boxes were. So, here's a list of questions to ask the previous owners of your new house:

1. Where is the electrical outlet (fuse) box?
2. Where is the phone box/connection? Is the house wired for internet connections through the phone lines?
3. How many lines is the house wired for?
4. Where are the cable TV hookups outside the house? Is the house wired for internet connections through cable?
5. Where is the water shut off?
6. How do the timers on the outside sprinklers work and where's the timer box?
7. How do all the pool controls/timers/auto systems work?
8. Where do lines from the street run into your yard and to the house?
9. Where is the property line?
10. What switches in the house control what?
11. How do the electric skylight windows work?
12. How do remotes to fans and blinds work?
13. What keys go to what?
14. How does the auto garage door control work? Who installed it and how old is it?

If you are selling your house, it would be extremely helpful if you prepared a sheet for your buyers with the answers to these questions to leave in the house for them.

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