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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rooms with dual uses

This client was struggling with a TV and guest room combination. Because the room wasn't comfortable, it ended up being used as the dumping area for everything that didn't have a proper home. The bed was covered with boxes and papers that cascaded down to the floor. It became impossible to watch TV or play with her grandchild in a safe area, so she called me in to work some organizing magic.

So first we emptied the space of all the extra stuff. Then I rearranged the furniture to suit the space and its use. The twin bed will become a "day bed" and seating area to watch TV. The rug, which was old and rather beat up, was discarded. The dresser was moved over and the TV/DVD player and the tangled mass of cords were reconfigured on the dresser.

The bookcase was moved from the opposite side of the room where it had been hiding behind a door and was stuffed with a mass of papers and books. We emptied it and sorted through the mountains of books and papers until we had it down to the very best of her collection. We took all the jumble of photos and collected them into photo boxes. The bottom shelf is used to house her grandson's toys - now at his level and he can choose what he wants to play with.

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