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Saturday, March 21, 2009

When a move goes bad

KTVU recently ran a story about a local moving company that has been holding people's belongings hostage for more much more money than their original moving quotes. They come to your home, quote you a price, you sign the papers, they take your things and then you get call that you can't get them back unless you pay double, triple or more. You can read this story at:

Unfortunately, these stories pop up every year about this time - the moving season. Given the difficult circumstances that people are finding themselves in, adding to it a moving company who refuses to give you back your possessions is just a nightmare.

Here are some tips for protecting yourself when moving:

1. Get bids from several companies - if someone is bidding way less than your other quotes, be suspicious.
2. Check out your movers with the CPUC
3. Check out under their BayList Best section.
4. Check YELP or other local opinion sites
5. Make sure your contract has a NOT TO EXCEED clause.
6. Pay by credit card so you can dispute the charges if you have to.
7. Be suspicious of a mover who asks for cash.
8. Ask for a Certificate of Insurance to make sure their coverage is up to date.

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