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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Surviving the holidays

Q: Here we go again, another holiday season how do we ever stay organized at this time of year?

A: The holidays are suppose to be a joyful time, but often we feel stressed and anxious over trying to keep up with it all. Give up "perfect" and accept that there is a certain amount of chaos that comes with the holiday season. Look for small areas to declare victory:

Immediately toss catalogs in the recycling bin that you've placed close to the mail box or front door. Like wise with solicitations that you do not recognize or participate in.

Use up the wrapping supplies you already have before buying more. Don't buy rolls of paper that are too big to fit in the drawer or container where you store them. The bag of 1000 bows is not a bargain if most of them end of crushed and scrunched on the floor of the closet.

Check your pantry and make a list before shopping for party snacks. Keep party supplies separate from your everyday foods - label a cardboard box "Party Foods" and store those items you want on hand for the open house you are planning. Toss in the crackers, cookies,nuts and bottles of cider.

You don't have to accept every invitation - learn to say "let me check my calendar and get back to you" rather than the automatic "yes" that you regret the minute you say it.

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