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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Q + A = but we don't have a pantry

Yes, I know...lots of kitchens don't come with a formal pantry.  Organizing my client's homes, I've had to create many a pantry area.  

Sometimes a closet or laundry area near the kitchen can be organized into a shared space to include a food pantry.  Once in while, even part of a garage can be designated for food, using proper storage cabinetry.

In apartments with small kitchens, we choose a particular set of cupboards and make it the food storing, we taken the upper cabinets furthest from the kitchen sink and used them to house food.  We organized the cabinets so that like items are together, things that are not used as often are on the top shelves and we've kept bottles on the bottom for easy reach.  Small food items, like packets of instant noodles, are binned in acrylic containers to keep them from falling all over.  Products that might go stale are in Snapware.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it amazing how creative we can get to finding places in a home to put things? No wonder people get overwhelmed when they move into a new home... they just don't have a vision to think out of the box. Great job, Gayle!


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