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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The organizing gene...

At some point, when I work with a client, they ask me why some people are so organized and they are not. I've been looking for some scientific data on this, but so far I have not found anything profound.

I only know that, in my case, it comes quite naturally to me. For whatever reason, I have been both organized and neat, for as long as I can remember. I also know that my younger sister, with whom I shared a room, was not. Interestingly enough, she has grown into a much more organized and neat person.

I also know that my organizing skills have improved remarkably over the years. Of course, as a professional organizer I get lots of practice. I find solutions much faster and can handle a wide range of problem areas. But there are tons of things in life that I can't do. So, I simply think of my organizing skills as part of my DNA.

Yes, you can learn the principles and techniques of organization.  As your personal organizer, the tricky part is imparting this information so that it weaves its way into your own natural behavior patterns.  I am not interested in turning you into me.  I am much more interested in improving your life in such a way that it becomes quite natural for you to apply those techniques in your everyday work and living environment.

There's a great debate about whether being neat and being organized are the same, or whether one can be organized without being neat or vice versa.  Personally, I think these are elements that cross over.  The degree to which one must be neat to be organized is an issue.  I have met plenty of people whose desire to be perfect has left them plenty neat, but not very organized.

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  1. Gayle, you couldn't have been more accurate here! Many of my clients are very neat but NOT organized, and vise a versa. But here's the thing, it might be like "style"...either you have it or you don't! If you don't, just admit it and hire someone like you to help them get it! Maybe on a regular basis, like once a month or once a quarter!

  2. Hi Gayle, You're one of the lucky ones. I have to "work" at being organized because it does not come naturally to me. Yet, I have other skills that come so natural to me, I often wonder why other people don't have those same skills. That's what is so great - we all have our own skills and personalities to make an interesting life. Best, peggy

  3. Peggy, I've worked with you, you are seem to be a natural at organizing and project management!


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