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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life happens...

Last month, my cat, Littleone, was diagnosed with Diabetes.  This has meant bringing into the house a whole new set of treatment supplies:  needles, insulin, testing kits, etc.   In order to fit these things in, some reorganizing had to take place.

As it happens, the easiest place to give her shots is in the kitchen, so now some of my precious kitchen drawer space has to be turned over to her medical supplies.  So, I went to work rearranging a drawer... not so bad, actually.

In August, I worked with a client whose child has severe allergies, and we decided to set up an allergy medication station in the kitchen pantry.  Right there with dog biscuits, is everything they need to treat a reaction.  We chose that spot because it's most likely to be the central location where everyone can access medications in an emergency.  We also duplicated this station on the 2nd floor and a mini station in the car.  (Note that this photo was taken before we labeled the boxes.)  

If you find that you need to set up a medical station, decide where the most likely places are that treatment will take place.  Empty an accessible drawer or shelf and set up your station.   Be sure everyone in the house knows where the medications are, can reach and manage them, and how to use them.  Label your boxes, drawers or shelves accordingly.  

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