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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Specialty collections...

I work with many people who have, over the course of their lives, collected various types of specialty items.  One person collects tiny spoons, another a certain type of pottery, a collection of model cars and airplanes, medical and dental equipment, old cooking tools and appliances... my current client has amassed a huge number of old woodworking tools.

In his 80's, he's about to move out of his large home and into a 2 room unit in a nearby senior living complex.  There is no room for the hundreds of tools he has stashed everywhere in his house, as well as manuals, catalogues and thousands of magazines dedicated to woodworking.  His children are at their wits end over what to do with this stuff.  They have no interest in keeping any of his precious collection and his home must be sold.  He insists that his collection is worth a fortune - but to whom?


Even with the internet, finding someone, somewhere in the world who would take this entire collection is looking for the needle in the haystack. Many of the local men who shared his passion for tools are also older and facing similar issues with their own collections. The children will rent a storage space while they try and figure this out.  At least it buys them some time.

If you are a "collector", you can do everyone a huge favor by knowing in advance who, or what institution, would buy or take your collection if, and when, it has to be disposed of.

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