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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Toni Berry, throwing the throw

We're asking our friend Toni Berry, of Marie Anthoinette Custom Home Interiors, how do you get a "throw" to look like they do in the photos...

"There is indeed an art to throwing a Throw, and nothing warms a chair, bed or sofa like an artfully arranged cozy throw. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to make your throw look just right....

Don't fold a throw in half--it looks far too formal and proper. A throw is a popular, updated dash of color and texture and should look casual and vibrant.
The art of a throw is in the actual motion of throwing. Unfold the throw, ridding it of any folds and wrinkles, and find a point just off-center.
Do hold the throw, allowing it to hang, and just flick the wrist, tossing the throw on a sofa or chair. Leave the throw just as it landed.
Do use a throw to cover mars, rips, or other imperfections in fabric. A throw can be a marvelous decoration and covers a multitude of shortcomings."

No more fumbling now, just throw that Throw!

You can contact Toni at: email: or phone: 925.862.9064

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