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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A positive shift

A very happy new year to you all! I am glad you have found me. I changed my blog address, so I know those of you who had bookmarked me have had to do some searching to find me again and I thank you for your persistence.

It's a new year and a new world, and like millions of others I am taking a good look at my life from every angle. Evaluating what to keep and what to let go of. This year I want to put into practice some of the things I have been talking about, but not necessarily doing all that much of. I want to keep this list short so that I can't ignore the few items I have placed on it...

1. Act as if... I've decided that I live in an abundant and friendly universe. The glass is half full and positive energy is the only energy worth having.

2. Choosing carefully what to watch on TV. At the speed of light and sound bad news travels into our homes and permeates our very being to the point that we are frozen in fear. And there is so much useless programing on these days, disguised as entertainment or reality (not my reality - I assure you). I just don't want that energy in my life anymore.

3. Making better choices about what I buy. I am not a compulsive shopper anyway, but I do think that I need to have everything Pottery Barn comes out with. Yes, PB and chocolate are my drugs of choice. More on PB later...

Throughout the year I will keep you posted on my progress... please let me know what shifts you are making and whatever else is on your mind in the world of organizing.

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