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Friday, September 26, 2008

Change is in the air

What can organizing offer at this time of uncertainty?

Life is change, and change can be hard, especially when it is dropped in our laps and not of our own doing. Most of us still have a tough go at wrapping our minds around living in a time where nothing seems to be the way it use to be.

But embracing change is indeed what we have to do. As the saying goes, “only one thing is constant - change.”

Now is a very good time to take stock of all that you have and evaluate its real usefulness. Are things just taking up space, keeping you from making decisions and tying you to something that no longer serves your best interest? What steps can you take to get better control of your lives...

If you are holding on to stuff that is no longer useful, let it go.

If you have stuff taking up space in rooms that it doesn’t belong in, put it where it should go.

If your closets, drawers and cupboards are out of control, clean them out.

If your garage is filled to the rafters, clear it out.

If your clothes no longer fit you, donate them.

If your papers and bills are piling up, sort through them, file what you need and shred the rest.

Yes, at this time when most of us instinctively want to hold back, I am telling you to let go...

Organizing can give you back a sense of control in your life and we need that now more than ever. Organizing can empower you to have the space to make decisions that will improve your quality of life, not hold you back from it.

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