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Saturday, August 30, 2008

What the mover won't move

Recently on a move I used a new moving company and was surprised when they advised their list of things they would not pack or move, like Soy Sauce. Every moving company has their own list of items they've had bad experiences with, so you must check with them before you pack.

Generally, all moving companies will refuse:

1. Propane tanks, oxygen tanks, gas, car oils, aerosol cans of cleaning and car fluids, fire extinguishers, car batteries
2. Anything explosive or highly flammable, cans of sterno, butane, lighter fluids, lighters, matches
3. Ammonia, bleaches, most household cleaning and laundry products, pool chemicals, pesticides
4. Ammunition and household batteries (as in D, C, AA, AAA, etc.)
5. Paints, paint thinners, even children's paint sets, chemistry sets
6. Gardening supplies, snail baits, poisons, fertilizers
7. Nail polish and remover

Items most commonly in question and depending on the distance of the move:

1. Food - perishables
2. Open containers of cooking oils and liquids
3. Produce
4. Household plants
5. Alcohol and wine

When in doubt, give the item to your neighbors and buy fresh at your new location.

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