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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Raiding King Tut's Tomb

Recently, we cleaned out the pantry of a couple who are moving. We found loads of canned goods and boxes of dry goods dating back DECADES! It's not the first time we've encountered bulging cans and melting boxes in the back of a kitchen cupboard. A couple of years ago we moved a couple and they had food that was so old the cans had actually melted into the wood shelving. I asked the husband for permission to throw stuff out and he said "well, unless it came from King Tut's tomb, we're eating it"!

Nothing lasts forever.... cans do have an expiration, so do grains like rice and all flours. Just because something is in a can or bottle doesn't mean it can't go bad. And Never, EVER eat anything out of a bulging or oozing can!

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