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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Seven things

I just read through the whole year of this blog, Seven Things. It's interesting to me that I did not get the "keep it" gene. However, I did get the "buy it" gene, so I am not a totally alien creature. But when I buy something, I generally let go of something else, so I don't have an overflow...well, I do have one area that could be considered over the top - silk flowers. In my defense, I have a cat (Pumpkin Pie) who has broken both of my favorite vases at 4 am by tugging on fresh flowers and knocking the whole thing over. I don't know if it's the actual flowers she is after or the amusement of watching the glass shatter and seeing the water dripping all over and me struggling out of bed to find her walking among the broken glass that really brings out the beast in her. So I gave up fresh flowers and substituted with silk. And I like to change them up, just as I would real ones, so I have quite a variety. About 8 large plastic containers to be exact. But I have them organized by color and season and in containers that fit on the closet shelf and labelled so I know what's what.

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