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Monday, January 21, 2008

Organizing book reviews

As I sharpen my skills by reading and studying the latest organizing books and magazines, I'll happily share my thoughts and opinions with you on what I've read. This month I'd like to give you my list of "classics":

Organizing From the Inside Out - Julie Morgerstern came to national attention when she organized Oprah's offices years ago. She developed the SPACE system of organizing that most of us in the field now use as the basis of our organizing plans. Julie is engaging and insightful.

It's All Too Much - Peter Walsh came from the hit cable show Clean Sweep. He's very motivating and entertaining while hitting the nail on the head with his organizing style. Peter is now the organizing guru for Oprah.

Rightsizing Your Life - Ciji Ware is a journalist now living in the Bay Area. She wrote this book after struggling through the downsizing process herself. This book is really full of very valuable information on recycling and repurposing.

House Thinking - Winifred Gallagher is a writer who takes a look at the evolution of the American home. I loved this book because it explains how we got to where we are with the way we live, room by room.

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